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Canadian farmers help feed Canada and the world. As feeding the world’s growing population becomes more challenging, farmers tur…



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Farmers rely on a vast array of tools and technologies to help them produce an abundant supply of safe, healthy and affordable foo…



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Both bees and pesticides play critical roles in agriculture. Bees pollinate many important crops while pesticides protect crops fr…



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Public parks and private yards help make cities beautiful, encourage biodiversity and contribute to happy, healthy communities.  …



<p>Join the conversation and ask your questions about GMOs and biotechnology.…</p> <p>You may have heard about the dirty dozen – a report about the trace amounts of pesticides sometimes found on some of our favorite produce. Unfortunately, the review uses ... <p>On June 28 the Government of Manitoba announced it would ban the use of synthetic lawn pesticides. The legislation will be introduced in the next legislative session and ...



Honeybee health surveillance study to be completed in Canada

July 16, 2014

Canada-wide honeybee health surveillance study will be completed in Canada to document the

All abuzz over neonics debate, iPolitics

July 14, 2014

Ontario farm fields are buzzing this summer – not with bees, but with controversy. At

Restriction on insecticide could be costly to Ontario grain farmers, Conference Board of Canada

July 11, 2014

Restricting the use of neonicotinoids — an insecticide commonly used by crop farmers — could

Save the bees but not with an all-out pesticide ban, Maclean’s Magazine

July 7, 2014

The death of the honeybees is a serious matter, but a sweeping pesticide ban may …

Seralini study republished, The Land

June 24, 2014

REPUBLICATION of the infamous Seralini study on the toxicity of genetically modified (GM) food crops

Alberta beekeeper, Kevin Nixon, discusses the challenges facing Canadian beekeepers.


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Science sacrificed in PR campaign on neonics

July 3, 2014

Recently it seemed that just about every paper, web site, TV station and radio channel ran apocalyptic stories about the …

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