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Canadian farmers help feed Canada and the world. As feeding the world’s growing population becomes more challenging, farmers tur…



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Farmers use a wide variety of tools and technologies to help them produce a safe, affordable supply of healthy food. Pesticides ar…



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Bees and pesticides are complementary components of sustainable agriculture. Bees pollinate many important crops while pesticides …



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Public parks and private yards help make cities beautiful, encourage biodiversity and contribute to happy, healthy communities.  …



Plant science innovations are helping Canada grow a stronger economy, a better environment and healthier communities across the country. Join the conversation and ask your questions about GMOs and biotechnology. You may have heard about the dirty dozen – a report about the trace amounts of pesticides sometimes found on … <a ...



Study confirms GE crops are safe, and complicated, Real Agriculture

May 18, 2016

A new report published Tuesday has mainstream media talking about genetically engineered crops.

The National …

Canadian grocers confident in safety of GMO produce: retail council

March 24, 2016

The organization that represents Canada’s major grocery chains says it has full confidence in selling …

In defence of genetically modified foods, Macleans

March 14, 2016

More scientists are coming around to GMO safety. Why are environmentalists, who preach the science …

This new Canadian apple is genetically modified so bruises don’t show, National Post

January 26, 2016

Neal Carter takes two identical-looking apples and bashes them together, hard. Half an hour later, …

Honeybee colonies show increase despite ‘bee apocalypse’ reports, Western Producer

January 15, 2016

The opening line of an article posted on CBC News’s website last May summarized a …

Working in the plant science industry gives people the opportunity to do something that matters to them. The plant science industry employs people with a range of skill sets all working together to help ensure farmers have the tools they need to continue to safely and sustainably feed the world.


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Beyond the labeling debate: biotech crops contribute to sustainable agriculture

May 9, 2016

GMO labeling has been the topic of a lot of discussion in the last while with a series of companies …

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“Ag Stewardship in Action” helps environmentally-conscious farmers add to sustainability practices

May 2, 2016

Farming today is complex. We get that. And adopting sustainable practices makes it even more so.  But these practices contribute …

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